Norfolk Guided Walks

As well as photographing the people of Norfolk and the beauty of the county I have another passion that burns inside.  This passion is simply spending the day or night walking the paths along the Norfolk coast.  When I have my walking boots on, my rucksack full of nice food along with a flask of coffee and not leaving home without my trusty Buffalo, I'm in my happy place.

I dream of being able to spend every day walking the open space around me but at the same time being able to help others enjoy the outdoors.  That can be simply helping someone enjoy a short guided walk to the top a hill to enjoy a sunset.  A simple experience like this cant have an enormous effect on ones mental health and help change the way they feel about life. Also, helping people explore areas of the coast that might take all day but they would see areas that they would not have seen otherwise because perhaps they didn't feel confident to explore it on their own.

This is my dream and I have written this in the hope to capture some interest from the internet.  So that is why you are here!  This dream is not my reality yet but I want to know if it can be possible.  It can't happen without you!  So it is now enough about me and more about you.  Would you like a guided walk of Norfolk?  Not just any old walk though,  I try not to do any old walk.  I try to find the best!


There will be some free walks offered to a certain number of interested persons first to register. 


If you would like to know more please Click Here!