"Guy de Maupassant supposedly ate lunch in the tower's restaurant every day because it was the one place in Paris where the tower was not visible."

When visiting Paris most travel to visit the Eiffel Tower, I was no different.  There are many amazing photographs of the Tower.  My photographs were a little rushed as I was travelling with a non-photographer and I did't want to push my luck.  I certainly saw the Tower in a Black and White style on this trip.  I can't wait to go back another time.  

What are your memories of the Eiffel Tower?

Below are a few bits and bobs about the Tower.  I hope you enjoy the photographs and the post.  If anyone would like a canvas print or framed print of any of the photographs just let me know.


  • The tower is the tallest structure in Paris and the most-visited paid monument in the world; 6.98 million people ascended it in 2011.  The tower received its 250 millionth visitor in 2010.

  • The tower is 324 metres (1,063 ft) tall

  • The climb from ground level to the first level is over 300 steps, as is the walk from the first to the second level.

  • Estimated 6.5 million francs to build back in the 1880's. 

  • 1,700 general drawings and 3,629 detailed drawings of the 18,038 different parts needed with two and a half million rivets.

  • Eiffel had a permit for the tower to stand for 20 years; it was to be dismantled in 1909.

  • Eiffel used the tower to perform experiments on the action of air resistance on falling bodies.

  • Austrian tailor Franz Reichelt died after jumping from the first level of the tower (a height of 57 metres) to demonstrate his parachute design.

  • The con artist Victor Lustig "sold" the tower for scrap metal on two separate, but related occasions.

  • Pilot Leon Collet was killed after flying beneath the arch of the tower. His aircraft was entangled in an aerial belonging to the wireless station.


Not everyone was in favor of the Eiffel Tower -

"We, writers, painters, sculptors, architects and passionate devotees of the hitherto untouched beauty of Paris, protest with all our strength, with all our indignation in the name of slighted French taste, against the erection ... of this useless and monstrous Eiffel Tower ... To bring our arguments home, imagine for a moment a giddy, ridiculous tower dominating Paris like a gigantic black smokestack, crushing under its barbaric bulk Notre Dame, the Tour Saint-Jacques, the Louvre, the Dome of les Invalides, the Arc de Triomphe, all of our humiliated monuments will disappear in this ghastly dream. And for twenty years ... we shall see stretching like a blot of ink the hateful shadow of the hateful column of bolted sheet metal."

My favorite note from someone who didn't like the Eiffel Tower is - 

"Guy de Maupassant supposedly ate lunch in the tower's restaurant every day because it was the one place in Paris where the tower was not visible."

Bits and Bobs from Wikipedia

All photographs copyright Gorgeous Portraits/Marc Walton/Marc Walton Photography.