Sad Story - Take Photographs

I have just heard a very sad story.  

It was about a mum who was going to buy a professional makeover photo-shoot for her daughter.  

In the end she decided against it due to costs.  This is a decision we all have to make on economical grounds all the time.    

Tragically sometime later her daughter died.  

Unfortunately, the mum cannot find any recent photographs of her daughter that represent the memories she wishes to keep hold of.  It seems now she is unforgiving of herself for not booking the photo-shoot.      

This mum is going through unimaginable grief.  She should certainly not burden herself with blame and regret but hold on to the memories she has.

The lesson for all of us. Take photographs and get photographs taken regularly.  

If you can hire a photographer you admire the work of, go for it.  The photographs will be priceless.  If you can't then take plenty yourself.  Take a shot when they are not looking, take a shot when they are looking.  Take shots from distant, then get closer, take a shot.  Now get closer, get really personal and take another.  Do this all the time.  Do it with our young ones. Do this with older ones and just as important, give the camera to someone else and make sure you exist in photographs for the ones that love you!  Print the best shots, don't just keep them on the computer or in the cloud.  Get them out, look at them, display them, frame them and hang them.  

(Late night post from the heart after hearing this story, so I hope it makes some sense.  I have personal experience with this myself, that's one of the reasons I picked up my camera, I just need to learn to lend it to someone else for a while).