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Marc Walton Portraits is based in Aylsham located in the heart of Norfolk and conveniently located for easy access to Norwich and the coast.

I specialise in working with people who have never been photographed before. I work with those who don't think they are photogenic, who don't think they have the right shape and those who fear the camera but despite all that they still want a photograph they love!

"My promise to you is that I will do my very best and give you my all, to give you the best photograph you have ever owned of yourself”. 


"When you are afraid of doing something, it is pretty exciting to challenge yourself to do it".  - Sue Bryce.



Just a quick note to consider!

(From personal experience and experiences of others)

People don't really take much notice of professional portraits these days.  People certainly take photos, there has never been some many photographs take ever in history than today thanks to smart phones.

Question for parents and parents to be one day - are those smart phone photographs of your kids going to be enough?  Are they going to be enough when your kids are 10, 20, 30 or 40+ years old?

Another question for parents - One day your kids are going to be looking for your photograph.  Are they going to find one?  When the kids are all grown up they will be looking for photographs of their parents.  They won't care how you look in the photograph or what shape you are.  It will however mean everything to them that they do have a photograph of you.  It will be priceless to them.  Will your smart phone photographs be enough?